Project de Oematan - Problem Background

Water scarcity becomes root of various problems in Sadi village. The 349 hectare agricultural land requires rainfall and only 149 hectare is irrigated. The absence of irrigation facilities, such as water pump and irrigation system often leads to crop failures. Aside from agricultural issues, there are also water facility problems where there are inadequate water supplies to fulfill daily needs of villagers. In fact, 120 out of 361 families do not own decent public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities. The villagers often have to travel far to collect water due to insufficient water containers. Moreover, several water sources experience problems and are not maintained well, causing the villagers to have diarrhea and itchy skin. The absence of water facilities also affects the amount water supply in public health center. Eventually, the medical workers are reluctant to stay in the provided houses around the area. It also impacts the public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities at secondary school in Sadi.