Project de Iskola - Proposed Solutions

After thorough discussion, survey conduction, budget calculation and planning with the representatives of Sadi village, it can be concluded that the lack of educational facilities becomes one of the causes of low quality education in the village. The proposed solutions are to provide libraries, maintain the school facilities to support learning activities for the youths, and provide school uniforms for kindergartners.

Project Description

Title: The Providence of Educational Facilities in Sadi Vilage
Types: Multi-Purpose Room, Laboratory, Building Maintenance, and Uniform

1. Library establishment

  • Reading activities
  • Children learning activities
  • Other activities for education purposes

Location: Sadi village, East Tasifeto district, Belu Regency, East Nusa Tenggara

2. Maintenance and Addition of Educational Facilities

  • Maintenance of classrooms
  • Laboratory establishment and addition of the laboratory equipment
  • Providence of school uniforms for kindergartners
  • Providence of learning equipment

Project Justification


  • Low quality of human resources of Sadi village due to the lack of educational facilities which eventually leads to tough competition with others.
  • Inadequate school facilities and public libraries to support learning activities.


  • School facilities
  • libraries


  • The children are willing to attend kindergarten.
  • The students could learn new things from the laboratory.
  • The students could rest assured to learn in school without worrying about the facilities.
  • The youths could learn about their cultures and science when they gather.
  • The locals would have access to public library so that they could obtain new knowledge.
  • The long-term impact would be the quality improvement of human resources in Sadi village.


  • Broken school facilities.
  • The absence of school uniforms for kindergartners.
  • The lack of learning equipment and playground in Kindergarten.
  • The absence of community center to maintain and develop the indigenous traditions.
  • Inadequate public libraries.