Meet the Team

Get to know the small family of RAMAHIJA who strives to give hope and dream to the indigenous people of Timor Island.

  • Kevin Samara profile picture

    Alexander Kevin Daniel Samara

    Community Development

    A dream to develop his hometown led him to start his own social enterprise. Driven by his passion to contribute to social and environmental issues, he is willing to build the system to develop the rural communities in Timor Island. His educational background in product design helps him to seize the opportunity to transform their works so that they can be accessible to all.

  • Devin Edgar profile picture

    Devin Edgar Tolopan Sianturi

    Corporate and Foundation Relations

    Optimistic and easygoing guy who loves to socialize. His willingness to contribute to our cause motivates him to build networks with those who share the same values. He oversees marketing through direct and indirect selling to introduce our products to a wider audience and open the opportunity to enter the global market.

  • Iwa Sanjaya  profile picture

    Iwa Sanjaya

    Business Development

    As a punctilious guy, he has a role to support his team. He needs to make sure to keep the business on the right track and align it with our pillars of sustainability. The joy of being able to bring positive impacts to society and nature encourages him to always give his best. He is currently pursuing his Master of Business Administration degree, hoping that he can contribute more to the business side.

  • Chelya Ananda profile picture

    Chelya Ananda Poetri

    Creative Director

    As a creative and hardworking figure, she has the role and responsibility to lead on design matters on team. She graduated from fashion design major at Lasalle College Jakarta and strives for excellence when it comes to design. She is currently developing a fashion brand and committed to using her influence to preserve and introduce the "sustainable fashion" concept.

  • Raldy benedict profile picture

    Raldy Benedict

    Finance, Legal, and Business Advisor

    An adventurer who loves and admires nature and culture. He will embrace all parties to synergize and be all-out in growing Ramahija as sustainable Social Enterprise. Graduated from one of Big Four Public Accounting Firm and currently leading the Finance Transformation in one of well-known environmentally friendly-cosmetics brand company, he remains willing to give full and optimum contribution to build solid foundation and accelerate the growth of this social enterprise.

  • Felix nai buti profile picture

    Felix Nai Buti

    Community Relations

    A social activist who is immersed in his work to solve various issues in the villages. He loves to meet people, listen to their concerns, and try to solve their problems. Felix was born and raised in Atambua and spent his childhood there, allowing him to comprehend the situation in the villages. He graduated from a university in Kupang, majoring in social and political science. He is willing to contribute to the development of communities and villages in Timor Island by engaging directly with people of Timor Island.