Our impact projects are dedicated entirely to the development of indigenous communities and villages in Timor Island. The list of our projects are sorted based on the complexities and amount of funds required to undertake each project.

You may contribute to the cause through appreciation of our Mamas' works featured with the innovation of RAMAHIJA.

We believe big changes start with small steps.

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Female Aritsan of Timor Island

Project de Fahi

A piggery project dedicated to the empowerment of Tulakadi villagers, mostly women who are left helplessly with the children because their spouses have to work outside the village to earn a better living.

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Project de Iskola

An education improvement project for children in Sadi village who lack educational facilities to support their learning activities in school.

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Project de Oematan

An establishment of water facilities in Sadi village to support daily and commercial activities of villagers and prevent diseases caused by contaminated water.

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Project de Bibi

Project de Karau

Project de Umahija