Collaboration between RAMAHIJA and The Body Shop: Empowering Women and Preserving the Environment

Collaboration between RAMAHIJA and The Body Shop: Empowering Women and Preserving the Environment

RAMAHIJA believes that sustainability is not just about one thing, but about three interconnected factors: People, Planet, and Profit. As a social enterprise, sustainable business is not only about contributing to communities and the environment, but also about positioning oneself as an agent of change in a competitive world. Today, a business that is not only focused on profit, but also on social and environmental impact, is able to capture the attention of consumers, communities, and investors who share similar values. As fellow sustainable businesses, RAMAHIJA and The Body Shop® have collaborated with a shared goal of empowering rural economies, especially women, and preserving the environment.



That's why The Body Shop® has introduced a gift collection that includes a range of skincare, body care, and fragrance products that can be given as gifts to loved ones. Interestingly, among these gift collections, there is a special collection that is the result of collaboration between The Body Shop® and RAMAHIJA.

As a social enterprise, RAMAHIJA was formed to empower indigenous communities on Timor Island, and is committed to helping women there realize their value and maintain their culture through sustainable business practices. If you purchase this special gift collection, you can choose the products from The Body Shop® that you want. The products you choose will then be packaged in a special handmade container created by women from Timor Island, using environmentally friendly materials.



In this collaboration, RAMAHIJA introduces Hanek Matan, a small woven tray that is typical of Timor Island's traditional ceremonies. Now, RAMAHIJA's Hanek Matan product can be enjoyed as part of The Body Shop®'s special gift collection. Hanek Matan is not only a gift hamper, but can also be reused as home decor, such as a fruit basket or hanging planter.

The collaboration between RAMAHIJA and The Body Shop® is evidence of our shared contribution to the rural economy, cultural regeneration, and love for the earth. Join us in supporting sustainable businesses and empowering communities. Get your hands on this special gift collection by The Body Shop® and RAMAHIJA now.

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